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Time Warped is a short lived childeren's show created by Trey Parker and starring Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Toddy Walters, Dian Bachar, Jason McHugh and Ian Harden. The show only had two episodes.


Each episode is based on a historical event, myth or story. The "Time Warped Players" potray the characters. Each episode is a musical.

The Time Warped PlayersEdit

Ian Harden as Imon Welfare. In the opening he is seen as Shannon Wilson Bell, an Ancient Greek, Moses and Sherlock Holmes. In the show he portrays Moses in the episode "Aaron".

Trey Parker as Juan Shwartz. In the opening he is seen as Alfred Packer, Aaron, Chinese Assassin. In the show he portrays Aaron in the episode "Aaron".

Toddy Walters as Tawdry Teal. In the opening she is seen as Polly Pry, a geisha, a woman tied to train tracks, and a 1930's pilot.

Jason McHugh as Peeny Bunslinger. In the opening shown as a confederate soldier.

Matt Stone as Ichabod Jones/Carlos. In the opening he is shown as a pilgrim and a victorian flute player.

Dian Bachar as Jeffy. Shown in the opening as Napoleon.

Vanessa. Shown in the opening as a 50's girl. In the series she played Jul.


Trey, Matt, Dian, Toddy, Ian, Jason and the gang had just got distribution for Cannibal! the Musical. A woman named Pam Brady, who worked for FOX loved the movie and suggested they take the characters and make it into a TV show. However, they were sick of doing "Cannibal" and decided instead to take the basic idea of "Cannibal" and apply it to other historical events. They made the pilot "Aaron" intended as a show for adults. The network, however, felt it would work better as a kids show as a part of the Fox Kids lineup, so they went back and made a kid friendly pilot called "Rom and Jul". Fox Kids passed on the project.


Aaron: A retelling of the moses story starring Trey Parker as Aaron and Ian Hardin as Moses. It is best known for the song "Yepper".

Rom and Jul: A caveman version of "Romeo and Julliette" starring Venessa as Jul and Matt Stone as Rom. Best known for the line "quack quack duck".