• Frank Hudgins is the main protagonist of the Seaside Video Game Series. He is a friend of Joe Malloy. He is based on the real Frank Hudgins.

  • Full name Joe Hudgins.
  • Gender Male
  • Status Alive
  • Jobs Safehouse owner.
  • Clerk at the Store in Seaside.
  • Surfer.
  • Age 48
  • Hair Color Brown
  • Born August 22 2018
  • Home Seaside Oregon
  • Portrayed by Trey Parker
  • Games Seaside

Character HistoryEdit

  • He is a friend of Joe Malloy. He is a Safehouse owner, a Clerk at the Store in Seaside and a Surfer.

Seaside 1Edit

  • Mission 1 Seaside in Harbor.
  • He is a friend of Joe Malloy and he goes to stop by Joe Malloy's house and he knocks on the door. He gives him a quick answer and he tells him to go to the store first. He is told that he needs to buy some towels for him. He says okay. He drives to the store in Seaside Oregon and then he stops by. He gets out of the car and walks inside the store. He goes to buy towels and then he checks out from Rylee. He leaves the Store. He needs to locate the car and then he waits for an answer from Joe Malloy. He gets in his car.

  • He goes to his house and then he gets inside his house. He walks into his house and then gets a call from Joe Malloy saying come to my house and we will talk and he says okay. He says thank you then. He goes outside to talk with a store employee named Rylee and he thanks him once again and then thanks him. 

Mission AppearancesEdit

  • Seaside 
  • As the protagonist he appears in all missions.