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Craig Tucker is a fictinal character in Matt and Trey's animated sitcom South Park.

Craig Tucker





Voiced By:

Matt Stone


Thomas Tucker (father), Mrs. Tucker (mother), Ruby Tucker (sister)

First Appearence:

Rainforest Shrainforest


Craig is the oppisit of the four main boys. He and his friends (Clyde, Jimmy, Token sometimes Jason or Timmy or Tweek) are known as "Craigs Gang". While the boys always find themselves in strange situations going on many adventures, Craig can't stand that kind of thing. As reveiled in "Pandemic" and "Pandemic 2: the Startiling" Craig likes things that are "Nice and Boring". One of his biggest personality traits is that he always flips people off, in the episode "Tweek vs Craig" it is shown that his whole family does this. He also has a connection with guini pigs. In the episode "Pandemic 2: the Startiling" he is the lone person that can stop the guini pirate, and in the episode "Tweek vs Craig" he has a pet guini pig named Stripe and he hates when people insult it.

Episodes where he is promanentEdit

"Rainforest Shrainforest"-Gets sent to the office for flipping people off. First appearence

"Tweek vs Craig"-is set up by the boys to fight Tweek.

"Sexual Harrasment Panda"-Succesfuly sues Wendy for sexual harrasment.

"Hooked on Monkey Phonics"-Leads the revolt on Mark Cotswalt.

"The Wacky Molestation Adventure"-While dressed as "Spaceman Craig" he leads the couple to Treasure Cove.

"Proffeser Chaouse"-Is a candidate for the boys fourth friend.

"South Park is Gay"-Craigs Gang fights with the boys because Craigs Gang insists they are gayer.

"Quest For Ratings"-His show "Animals Close Up with a Wide Angle Lense" is getting higher ratings then the news show.

"Free Wilziak"-Helps the other boys get the whale to the moon.

"Tsst"-Tells Cartman he hates him.

"Lice Capades"-Is Cartmans right hand man in the Lice mystery.

"Le Petite Tourette"-Is jelouse that he doesn't have tourettes syndrome.

"Guitar Queer-o"-Watches Stan and Kyle play Guitar Hero.

"The List"-Helps get the list from the girls.

"Pandemic"-Craig goes with the boys to Peru and becomes the only person who can stop the guini pigs.

"Butters Bottom Bitch"-Helps punish Butters for never being kissed.